Get a better ROI on your tools and platforms and give your guests a seamless and one-of-a-kind experience.


inGEM's mission is to make any object, event or location more entertaining and educational. 

We do this by blending the physical and digital in creative ways - a process we refer to as "SPARKd". A SPARKd zoo exhibit, for example, can have hidden videos, games and quizzes ​that can be unlocked by guests using their mobile devices. A SPARKd product can have digital content unlocked by scanning the product with the SPARKd Explorer app. 

The result is more engaged visitors, members and customers. More engagement naturally leads to growth -- visitors become repeat customers who tell others about their experience. We make this easy. 

Cultural attractions work with inGEM to make the guest experience more rewarding for the guest and for the attraction. Our solutions make a deeper connection to the mission by enhancing on the on-site experience with the content that easily "travels home" with the guest for repeat engagement. 



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